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Our new FAQ section is your information source for answers to many questions from our customers about attic cleaning, insulation installation and removal. Scroll down below for our experts' comments and solutions.

What should I do if I have rats in the attic?

First you have to find and fix all the holes rats can use as entry points. Then, set the traps and check them frequently to avoid any bad smells. Remove and dispose of any trapped rats, and then start cleaning and decontaminating the attic. Make sure you use PPE to protect yourself against any diseases. However, since decontamination work can be very dangerous, we’d recommend calling our team of professionals!

Do I have to completely seal my attic for insulation?

Yes. All fibrous insulation will allow air to move through it. Without sealing air leaks in your attic, the air will move through your insulation and result in increased energy use. Sealing your attic completely stops air from escaping from the attic of your home. For more information or to schedule an appointment with our insulation specialists, contact our team today.

How do I know how much insulation to get for my attic?

Our experts are the ones to call when you need advice about adding insulation. All attics are different and there are a number of factors to consider; from the type of insulation you already have, the configuration of your attic, the average amount of sunlight you receive, and much more. Generally, around 12 to 15 inches is recommended or an R rating in the 40s, but individual circumstance can vary widely.


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