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Taking care of your attic might not be as simple as you think. Scroll down to read our tips, and contact our expert team if you need any help!

Radiant barriers can help in hot climates

Should you find yourself spending far too much on your air conditioning every year thanks to living in a very warm area, a radiant barrier can help lower those costs and keep your home much cooler. It's simply a material that's attached to the inside of your roof in the attic, and its shiny side bounces the sun's rays away rather than letting them in. It's a natural way of keeping your home comfortable and is an easy step to stopping energy waste.

Organize your attic for easier access

Quite often we make time to re-arrange all the baskets and boxes we store up there. Take the time to label your containers and group similar ones together. You will save precious time in the future when you go to retrieve certain items and avoid safety hazards later on!

Don’t add vapor barriers if your insulation contains paper or asphalt

A vapor barrier will reduce the movement of water vapor in your attic. However, do not install a vapor barrier if your attic already contains insulation with a thin layer of paper or asphalt on the side. You already have one, and by adding a second, condensation can become trapped in the insulation and cause mold or mildew to appear. Contact our specialists who can give you the right advice on whether or not you need to install a vapor barrier in your attic.

Rodent-proofing your attic

Rodents love to nest in your home's insulation. No attic is completely rodent-proof, so if there's evidence of rats or mice in your attic, give our specialists a call. Not only is their presence unsanitary, but electrical wires that have gnawed by rodents can cause sparks that can lead to a fire. We are the experts at sealing air holes properly and taking care of rodents in an effective and safe manner. Contact our team as soon as you think you may have a rodent problem.


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